Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Organic Pastures Recall October 2015

Photo from here. This article says the recall has been lifted but apparently not according to the latest from OPDC themselves.

I've been trying to live my life away from the real food community that looks from the outside to be imploding in it's own drama.

The Fermented Cod Liver Oil gate has made a lot of folks turn on Sally Fallon and the Weston A Price foundation and now a new foundation is forming, basically WAPF 2.0. Apparently my old nemesis Anne Marie Michaels of Cheeseslave is back and saying she made a million dollar company and is now broke, but never filed for bankruptcy nor paid anyone the $$$ she owed. This is all hearsay. I cannot even be bothered, honestly. It all sounds like business as usual.

Because this is happening and no one in that community really cares. So here you all go:

Mark McAfee is facing another recall...

One article says the recall has been lifted, but apparently not today, according to OPDC themselves.

Basically, business as usual, not much has changed.

Have a great day folks!

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