About the Muckraker

Let's get this straight: Kristen Papac loves and supports local small scale farmers...farmers whom she trusts. She lives in Los Angeles with her family and feels fortunate to be able to source a majority of their food from local farmers markets and co-ops. It is important for to her to have local, sustainable, grass-fed and pastured eggs and meat available for her family. These types of food are raised with high standards of farm management and animal husbandry and are sold at premium prices. For more information on what it involves to produce pastured eggs or pork and why the prices are higher than your grocery store, read here.

After the high profile raid of Rawesome and Healthy Family Farms in August 2011, and details from the court case involving Sharon Palmer, James Stewart and Victoria Bloch broke, a feeling of anger very wide and deep swelled within her. Hadn't she been suspicious of them and vowed not to buy from them after reading an online investigative report detailing numerous allegations of fraud? She saw red, and then quickly learned what to do about it. She learned that her local Weston A Price chapter leadership staunchly defended Healthy Family Farms and asked her to support the raw milk movement.

She learned that the local farmers market managers where Healthy Family Farms sold their food had heard of the allegations before the raid and court case, but had not done due diligence in fact checking. Why? Probably because they are underfunded. Read about that here.

Vowing to help farm consumers, keep the local markets undiluted by the fraudulent farmers, and to protect Farmer's Market integrity, she created this blog. She names names.

Her first mission is to fact find and check into Healthy Family Farms.

Please keep supporting your favorite local farmers if they are doing it right. If you have suspicions, check the facts! We can do this together.