Get the Facts!

More in depth analysis and articles on your resources as a consumer are coming...

This is not the place for character assassinations or idle gossip. This is the place to learn what to do if you suspect a farmer that you purchase directly from or through a farmer's market is not selling the quality of product that they purport to sell.

We cannot just trust farmers at face value because we have this notion that small family farms are good and honest. Thanks to movies like Food, Inc. we have woken up to the fact that the image of the small scale honest farmer with green pastures and a red barn is the same imagery factory farms use to exploit millions of consumers in our super markets.

The fact is, farmer's market are growing exponentially. This is FANTASTIC. But how do we protect consumers against fraudulent farmers? We pay a hefty pricetag on farmers market food, don't you want to ensure that the farm fresh products you consume are being produced as the farmer says they are?

In my reading up on the Rawesome/Healthy Family Farms case, I realized it was largely centered on the drama triangle: and people kept switching roles.

What is the only way to get out of the drama triangle?

Stop being a victim. Learn the facts about the product or farm you are suspicious of. Learn what you can do about it...speak with your farmers market managers...

You, the consumer who votes with your food dollar, must also take action with your voice.