Monday, August 24, 2015

Fermented Cod Liver Oil Myths Debunked?

If the raw milk fantasies and WAPF's support of a known felon aren't enough to make you scratch your head as to why people still support Sally Fallon's Weston A. Price Foundation, I'll give you another reason.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Yes, it is as nasty as it sounds. It was recommended by everyone, and I mean everyone in the Weston A Price Foundation, as THE superfood supplement that must be taken, especially by childbearing women and their children.

Dr. Kaayla Daniels, otherwise known as the Naughty Nutritionist, calmly looks to science to see if WAPF's and David Wetzel of Green Pasture's claims are valid. The paper is very thorough, and is a doozy to read.

Here is another account by another former FCLO fan, Dr. Ron Schmid:

Happy Reading!

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