Monday, October 22, 2012

Value Added Agriculture

See that dollar sign as the dot for the i? Clever!

Hey party people! (That's your warning: it is about to get irreverently sarcastic up in here!)

I check in on the Complete Patient Blog from time to time. You know, it's like that poorly written, miss one day, (heck miss a month!) and you can keep up with the storyline. It's daytime drama...yet you just can't. stop. watching.

So today I was surprised to see comments from both Victoria Bloch (who recently told her side of the story here) and Aajonus Vonderplanitz, presenter extraordinaire of

Heavy hitters in the Rawesome/Healthy Family Farms drama, no?

Victoria's was a glowing report of HFF and Sharon as per usual. Aajonus' was the hardline reproach of Palmer/Rawesome that we are used to...


"Four months ago, an investigation for my law suits against Palmer and Stewart turned up veterinarian Daniel Drake who has documentation that Palmer bought non-organic goat's milk from his herd and peddled it as organic and as produced on the farm for at least 1 year. Palmer acquired a huge batch of non-organic goat's milk cheese from his elderly parents goat farm in Utah and sold it as if it were grass-fed and from her goat's.
By the way, Palmer only paid approximately $3k for the nearly $21k that she promised and contracted (in 2008) to pay for the cheese. Palmer has never contacted the elderly farmers, who really need the money, to pay them even though I understand that Palmer won a windfall lawsuit of $1M plus recently. In an email from September 2011, Palmer claims she dumped the cheese because it went bad. However, another past employee of Palmer's said that she knows Palmer sold the cheese. Even if Palmer had dumped some of the cheese because she did not take care of the cheese, does not release her from her contract. She received the cheese and she owes the $18k. Additionally, she peddled it as grass-fed from her farm to gain outlandish prices. Neither Dan's or his parent's goat farms are organic and certainly not very grass-fed."

Read all about it here.

If you want to get into the nitty gritty and have 10 minutes to spare you can read this beaut of a document. Of note is Roger Prince's interview. I prefer Aajonus' nuggets o' wisdom myself. And hey, doesn't he claim he played a character on a soap opera once upon a time?

Yup. We know by now it is a classic he said, she said argument. But if there is paper proof of some of this stuff it will be interesting.  I'm thinking I'd like to be a juror in the civil suit against Palmer filed by Vonderplanitz that will be starting come February 2013.

And David Gumpert, forget not that hundreds of customers are peeeeeeeeeved that we were supposedly sold grass-fed, pastured and organic meats, eggs, milk and cheese at premium prices only to find out they were likely not. They were sold as value-added agricultural goods, but were supposedly just plain 'ole agricultural goods.
See. My. Point?

Oh, yes, and stop getting all in a frenzy about "public health officials" and how the public distrusts these people people that actually work for them. Last time I checked, they got their degrees from universities, are evidence based scientists, and care very much for the public and their health. Especially little children who get e.coli 0157:H7 and come breaths away from death. The value added raw milk they drank did this to them, and none of your hard hitting journalism will take that fact away.

Having said that, will I get a flu shot? Probably not. Because although I don't drink raw milk anymore I still like to live dangerously.

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