Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weston A. Price *FOUNDATION* Groupthink

I think I'll order this book on Amazon...I love unexpected finds searching Google images!
Edited to add: Tonight I feel FREE! Not sad anymore, but free from GroupThink. Now I know what cult members must feel like when they emerge to see the light of day: grateful for the experience and for the lessons learned, sad for the friends still entrenched, and more hopeful than ever for the future.
I am so disappointed in people who are Weston A. Price Foundation leaders. Don't ask me particulars, I won't tell you. I just have to warn others that my inklings of a highly suspicious type of "groupthink" occurring within the Foundation when I first joined are becoming true. I still hold dearly the values of Traditional Food Preparation that I have learned. This makes me very, very sad. Not angry anymore, just very sad.
From Wikipedia: 'T Hart (1998) [3] developed a concept of groupthink as “collective optimism and collective avoidance,” while McCauley (1989) [4] pointed to the impact of conformity and compliance pressures on groupthink decisions.  
Maybe one day I will gather my thoughts and publish them. But for now, I'll stick with melancholy.
(Hours later: Nope. Not melancholy. Only infinite gratitude, forgiveness, and hope. Grace. It feels incredible. Thanks for your insights and prayer...you know who you are!)

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