Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sharon Palmer of Healthy Family Farms Plead Guilty to 14 Felony Counts

The "Rawesome Three" from left to right: James Stewart, Sharon Palmer, and Victoria Bloch. Ripped from David Gumpert's apologist blog, The Complete Patient

"Sharon Palmer, 54, initially faced 38 felony charges but pleaded guilty this month to 14 counts, including theft, money laundering, securities fraud, conspiracy to commit a crime and special allegations, said prosecutor Chris Harman."

This blog has been asleep at the real foodie watch wheel, because this happened in August 2014. Read all about it here from the Ventura County Star.

Notice, James Stewart of "Rawesome" fame is still wrapped up in the courts as well.

Apparently Palmer was sentenced back in November 2014. We are following up with the Ventura Senior District D.A. Chris Harman, and are also looking into who actually owns (and more importantly who runs) Healthy Family Farms at the moment.

Healthy Family Farms still sells meat and egg products in several Los Angeles area farmer's markets including the famed Santa Monica Farmer's Market.

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